11 responses to “A Preview of Anvil Nova

  1. Excellent. I cant wait for this to be in game and explore it! My Imperial battlemage Juliana is starting to get itchy feet and has heard about this New Land and this Anvil Nova.

    • I was planning to setup some early alpha downloads on ModDB for playtesters to enjoy and explore, but I’m not sure when I’ll do that yet. I probably want to finish the city first with interiors and all. Alpha release is not far away though 🙂

  2. Absolutely amazing! My actual favourite part was seeing the back of the Keep, the detail with the rocks looks so realistic and fits the coastal aspect perfectly!

    • The keep sits on a small rocky hill, and it does look good, if I say so myself. The Imperials have made small additions to it since they conquered it 200 years ago, but it’s largely untouched and looks much like what it did during the times of the flourishing Nord Kingdom that built it.

  3. incredible, I know it’s a new land but this looks the way I always imagined the breton province High Rock, keep up te good work!

    • Thanks! I’m happy to hear that. High Rock is just as much influential on The Frontier as Skyrim is, since my continent lies somewhere in-between those two provinces to the north. There’s also going to be a strong Breton population on The Frontier.

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