Proof of Progress

More proof of progress of what I’m doing right now. I’ve begun adding interiors to all the buildings I’ve created exteriors for. Create empty interiors, create doors, link doors between outside and inside. This is a tedious, and may I say, boring process. That is why I don’t paste interiors alone, but spend much of my time continuing to build the exterior as well. The castle itself is completely done right now though, and even has its interior fully decorated. Just some finishing to do really.


2 responses to “Proof of Progress

    • Thanks. I know InsanitySorrow is working on real sand textures which will make beaches look awesome, and I know another fellow is creating palm trees, so there will soon be tropical environments in skyrim put together. Just not in this mod though, because I still want to retain the cold nordic feel. This looks pretty much like the summer beaches up north though.

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