The Last Outpost

The last outpost before the untamed wilderness of the Frontier is the town of Carnar. This outpost will be your last chance to purchase supplies, do some smithing and rest before entering the northern wilds. Carnarshire is poor; it’s economy is based on logging and farming and most of its income goes straight into the efforts of protecting the colony from the wild barbarians in the north who do constant raids in the area.

The town itself is done. I’ve added interiors too, but they’re not decorated yet. I think I succeeded in making it look like the small frontier outpost it’s supposed to be. It looks kinda quaint. I only need to add a small keep to it still, as there’s going to be a baron overseeing the area and he needs a small fortress to rule from. The Baron of Carnarshire is going to play a role in the main storyline later on as well.

Portable Campsite

Another mod recommendation here. This is Portable Campsite by mcxar. This lets you buy camping gear and set up camp wherever you want. This may not seem really useful, but it’s a lot of fun.

I remember having a mod like this in Oblivion too. Vilja and me set up camps all over the place when out scouting for good locations to place towns and villages. Aaah, those were the days. I hope this Portable Campsite mod will become just as memorable.

This mod has many more different types of gear than the one I had for Oblivion. Large and small tents, chairs, campfires and numerous other thigs to play around with. It also has several translated versions.

Out camping.

Some of the progress today

I’ve been working with LOD today, mostly. LOD is what you see in the distance. Like distant trees, rocks, mountains, buildings. Those sorts of things.

LOD always ends up looking really bad. Especially the settled areas start looking crap. Also, I’ve tried to generate distant trees, but they don’t show up in-game at all. No worries. I’m not the only modder having trouble with LOD, and I’ve been there before. It seems all Bethesda games are like this, and I know full-well that the end result, however maybe far in the future, will be more than pleasing.

To keep my modding morale up, I need to do beautiful things in-between crappy LOD. That’s why I’ve also dedicated some of my energy today to detailing the terrain of The Frontier. There are some random beautiful pictures from The Frontier down below.

T’Jira Monastery

T’Jira Monastery lies perched on an island to the east of the continent of The Frontier. The monastery is owned entirely by the Aldmeri Dominion, which has purchased the entire island from the corrupt Protektor of Anvil Nova. The Dominion states that the island is an ancient holy place in Aldmeri culture, but rumour has it that the Dominion has more than religious ceremony in mind with the island and the monastery.

I based the design loosely on the P’Jem monastery as seen in Star Trek Enterprise.

T'Jira Monastery on The Frontier.

More Forest

Let me show you a few more screenies of the deep woods I’m creating right now. I’ve connected the Pine areas with the Aspen around Lake Carnar. In-between these areas, I’ll place the town of Carnar. This forested area of the Frontier should soon be done and then I’ll begin creating the town of Carnar and the areas around that.

Carnar will be a small farming village, but also the seat of the Count of Carnarshire, and as such it will be of some importance. In the main storyline Carnar will play a significant role, much like Wordham in Dibella’s Watch, for those who played that.

The Therapeutic Tool

I’ve been building the deep woods that go between Camp Wolf and Lake Carnar. I can actually see the trees down at Lake Carnar from the northern edge of the woods now. It’s all pinetree now, but the Lake Carnar region will be aspen, like the area around Riften in vanilla Skyrim.

When I stand at the edge of my new pinetree woods, I can actaully see the aspen of Lake Carnar in the distance. The two areas should grow together soon.

I’ve been pasting every tree and rock by hand. I wonder how many they are – maybe in their thousands. Don’t feel sorry for me. This is my Therapeutic Tool, pasting trees. You can’t imagine how many areas my mind is working on while I’m pasting trees. Some play the Saxofone, others watch films, I paste trees.