The Frontier “Benedictus” Theme

It’s really nice to tie together old Daggerfall with modern Skyrim music-wise like I did in the last video previewing the city of Anvil Nova, but for the theme music for Frontier, I want something new and perhaps unheard. I knew exactly where to look for music.

Back in 2010 I created a mod for Civilization 4 called Fairy Tale and it was my first grand-scale modding project. I had a lot of fun and it was a process I will never forget. In the process, I was out searching for music for my mod and found the Greek composer Zero-Project. He had actually made an album called Fairy Tale and it was just the title that attracted me at first, but when I listened, I found that the music was also suitable for my mod with the same name. I started by choosing one of his songs as a theme, I contacted him and he was very enthusiastic about being published in a mod.

He later composed a Fairy Tale 2 album. Civilization 5 was about to emerge and I was planning on doing a Fairy Tale 2 mod as well. That mod hasn’t materialized yet, unfortunately, because Civ 5 was pretty much an insuperior game to its predecessors. No matter, Fairy Tale 2 WILL be made one day. It’s just on hold for a bit. The music he created was excellent though. I used two of his pieces while creating Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion last year in videos, and now, I will be using his music again for Frontier.

My end goal with this, as well as to use this theme in the great demo video of Frontier when it’s done, is to create a media pack for Frontier which will change everything from the main menu screen of Skyrim as well as in-game music and things like that. This is not a total conversion, so the pack will be optional.

This is the Frontier Theme, “Benedictus”, which means “The Blessed”. Sit back and enjoy Zero-Project’s musical genius and then go give him a visit on

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