Camp Wolf

This is Camp Wolf, home and base of the “Kohort Wolf“. Yes, spelled with a K. The language in Anvil Nova is Imperial, but with variations. They spell things with a K rather than a C on the Frontier. Like Protektor, instead of Protector and indeed Kohort instead of Cohort. A bit like the Americans spell it armor, while me and a whole lot of other spell it armour.

I built this camp pretty much as the old Romans built their military camps and the design of it is pretty much what I imagine Roman military camps during the Imperial Age would have been, although this is a miniature of one. The tents were made by Meo (Tents For All), who has removed the Imperial Army symbols from them and retextured them.

I chose his greenish textures, which makes the coloration of the camp have a modern army look. That was unintentional, but a nice side-effect. The stockades around the camp draw my thoughts to the forts on the American frontier, you know, the kind you see in all the John Wayne movies.

The Army of The Frontier is divided into several “Kohorts” and this is just the first of these camps. There’s also a Kohort Bear as well as an Auxiliary Kohort and a mounted squadron. On top of this, the Protektor also has an elite guard stationed at the Anvil Nova Castle. These camps will be united through a defensive wall/stockade system in the north, much like how the Romans built their borders in Germany and Britain (The Limes). Hadrian’s Wall in Britain is an example of that. Now I’ve been all historical on you – time to enjoy the screenshots.

6 responses to “Camp Wolf

    • You read my mind, man! I was sitting there thinking of the Roman camps in Asterix when I was creating it. Aquarium and Compendium and all the nice names they had. I actually wanted to create such Roman camps when I was a child and I built them from snow even. And now I’m sitting here creating them again. 😀

    • This turned out really nicely. I remember back when I did Dibella’s Watch, I really enjoyed making secluded camps full of bandits in the middle of nowhere. I filled my deserts and jungles with those camps and each and everyone was fun to create.

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