The past few days haven’t been very successful. It seems all I’ve done has turned out crap. Today I tried generating Object LOD, which means that objects such as buildings and cliffs will show up at a distance. It turned out OK at first and I was happy with it. Then I did a small redesign of the city of Anvil Nova and wanted to redo the Object LOD again, and it turned out like in the screenshot – all distorted – both buildings, rocks AND the heightmap turned out purple.

Sigh. I need a break from this now.


5 responses to “Sigh

  1. That’s very annoying indeed.
    Take a break, do something different. You always managed to work problems out.
    Have a nice easter!

  2. Hmmm I wonder why that’s happening, perhaps asking the forums for reasons why this is occuring might help, although I’d suggest taking some time away from TF, you’ve earned it.

  3. Your ideas are sick. im currently on a modelling course? if you need a hand with ANYTHING send me an email or FB me 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

  4. dude i’ve no idea how do you do the great stuff you have been showing us, just take a deep breath, go out with your wife, relax, have fun and then you might find whats going on.

    PD. sorry about my english.

  5. Hey Antiscamp

    With the generation of object LOD, i suggest doing that last. As in when you’ve finished. If you want to do it doing creation, delete any previous Object LOD files before loading it as sometimes it conflicts. Example, If you change any objects in your map after Object LOD creation, delete those files and start again. I know its tedious but that seems the only way so far.

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