On Vacation in Steelport

Sometimes modders need vacations too. Often I do that by concentrating on very different games for a while. This always gives me new ideas and angles on my own modding as well.

This time I’ve been playing Saints Row 3. I got into SR2 – and absolutely loved it although it’s crude – at the time when I was waiting for Skyrim and I planned to buy The Third at christmas. That didn’t happen, because I stayed in Skyrim, and besides, I heard some bad stuff about Saints Row 3. All that bad stuff was plain WRONG. This is an undeservedly bypassed game that has gotten too little attention.

The game lives off its big brother Grand Theft Auto, which it makes no secret at all of, and that’s a seriously good thing. Saints Row has a high level of customization though; you can create your own character to look like pretty much anything, you customize your cars and your weaponry and you even get to modify your streetgang; from what weapons they carry and cars they drive to how they dress and look.

It’s really addictive. The gameplay is something of the whackiest I’ve ever seen. It’s always going to be one of my memorable gaming moments when I got in my first gunfight with the “Mascots”, for an example. These are people dressed up as big, cute cats and dogs and such. And carry weapons. The paceof the game is absolutely brilliant. There’s always something to do and the fun never ends; the missions range from creating as much destruction in the city as possible within a given time limit to playing in-game computer games and taking part in a reality TV show where killing mascots is the main event.

The game is open-world, and although there’s a main storyline (which is really good by the way), you can feel free to go about the big city of Steelport and explore and create destruction. Just like Skyrim, in fact, and I think Bethesda has a lot to learn from Volition, the creators of Saints Row 3 though. Especially when it comes to areas such as storywriting and character creation.

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