Moving a Castle

The Castle of Anvil Nova was the only larger structure on the Frontier when the Imperial colonists arrived on the continent. It used to be the home of the glorious king Rureek who ruled over the “Shining Kingdom” that spanned most of the continent. When the Imperials arrived, the “shining kingdom” was long-gone, and the continent had fallen into internal conflicts. The foundations of castle are probably thousands of years old.

The settlers had no problems conquering the south of The Frontier and the castle became their base. The Imperial conquerors added to the castle successively as the town of Anvil Nova started flourishing around it. Today, it is the home of “The Protektor” and his de-facto court. Protektor is an inherited title and has all the symbolism and implementations of an Imperial County, but in theory, the title is supposed to correspond to a regular governor. The title was created to please the Imperial Court in Cyrodiil, and as to not declare full-fledged independence from the Empire. The Empire hasn’t been too keen on recognizing The Frontier as an official part of the Empire anyways, but there are still hopes that The Frontier can one day join the Empire as a proper County.

I have redesigned the very centre of Anvil Nova. I moved the entire castle a bit north and created a ledge in front of it on the rock where it sits. It was a lot of work moving this structure, as all land had to correspond to the movement as well. Geez. I did operations like this in Dibella’s Watch several times, moving large structures about, and they’re always tedious, but the end result is also always satisfying. On this ledge, I will now create a “Forum Romanum“, a small town square surrounded by government buildings, like the First Minister’s residence and possibly a proper Roman bath and things like that.

4 responses to “Moving a Castle

    • Naah. There’s no need for heresy on The Frontier. The citizens of this continent believe in gods that actually exist for real. Like Talos and Dibella.

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