6 responses to “A City Map of Anvil Nova

  1. Yeah!
    I hope there will be an alternative start like in DW, so you can feel like a real “Frontierer” 😉

    • I am planning an Alternative Start too. I am inspired by Arthmoor’s Live Another Life in that regard. I could set up different scenarios making the player start as a farm owner on the Frontier, a soldier in the Protektor’s Army, a bandit or why not a member of one of the barbarian tribes up north. The possibilities are endless. I could also use his Live Another Life as a framework for it and integrate my alt starts into his mod, but we’ll see where my effort ends up.

  2. Excellent! I assume the ability to move between Skyrim and Frontier will be there? Antiscamp are you running the unofficial skyrim patch? There may be problems between new areas and the USP.

    • Hey. Yep. Travel between Skyrim and The Frontier will be no problem. I’ll have transport to and from the harbour of Anvil Nova. I haven’t chosen location for transport in Skyrim yet though, but the harbour area at Solitude seems logical. And no, I’m not using the unofficial patch.

  3. BTW I also use Arthmoor’s LOL and my current playthrough is with a Dumner Mage fleeing from Morrowind arriving at Dawnstar on a ship! Keep it up scamp!

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