The Therapeutic Tool

I’ve been building the deep woods that go between Camp Wolf and Lake Carnar. I can actually see the trees down at Lake Carnar from the northern edge of the woods now. It’s all pinetree now, but the Lake Carnar region will be aspen, like the area around Riften in vanilla Skyrim.

When I stand at the edge of my new pinetree woods, I can actaully see the aspen of Lake Carnar in the distance. The two areas should grow together soon.

I’ve been pasting every tree and rock by hand. I wonder how many they are – maybe in their thousands. Don’t feel sorry for me. This is my Therapeutic Tool, pasting trees. You can’t imagine how many areas my mind is working on while I’m pasting trees. Some play the Saxofone, others watch films, I paste trees.

5 responses to “The Therapeutic Tool

  1. Do you use any references for the design of these forests? I’m picturing constantly looking at pictures of Canada and Russian forests every few minutes for inspiration?

    • I actually have this kind of pineforest right outside my door – ancient and untended, deep and dark woods. I live in Finland, which is, in some respects, a real life copy of Skyrim itself. Where I live, there are no mountains though, but I’ve been to Norway and seen the fjords and mountains there. While northern England, combined with the Mediterranean areas (Italy specifically), provide inspiration for the south of the continent, Scandinavia is my inspiration for the north. When I get even further north designing Frontier, and the snow starts falling, it will look even more like my own homeland, because it’s still snowing out there as we speak 😀

  2. Heeey

    Have you seen the mod Issgard? Because the maker had some trouble with some LOD and it seems yours is good at the moment, maybe you could help him out.

    Keep them images coming man it’s look awesome! 😀

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