T’Jira Monastery

T’Jira Monastery lies perched on an island to the east of the continent of The Frontier. The monastery is owned entirely by the Aldmeri Dominion, which has purchased the entire island from the corrupt Protektor of Anvil Nova. The Dominion states that the island is an ancient holy place in Aldmeri culture, but rumour has it that the Dominion has more than religious ceremony in mind with the island and the monastery.

I based the design loosely on the P’Jem monastery as seen in Star Trek Enterprise.

T'Jira Monastery on The Frontier.

6 responses to “T’Jira Monastery

  1. Loving the look of the monastery, I imagine it’ll look very atmospheric when it’s night and there are torch lights around it, maybe with an Thalmor guard holding one on a patrol over the bridge or something.

    • Today, I’m going to create the interior for it too. I’d really like to start adding the monks already, but I haven’t gotten to the point yet when I’m creating NPC’s, sadly. The whole Frontier is one big empty world right now. Lots of exteriors and interiors, but no people, animals or any sort of life at all. It’s actually a bit spooky wandering around it as it is.

  2. i might be sounding a bit pedantic, but which of the nine…should I say eight, do these monks follow? I can’t imagine the Thalmor would permit them to worship Talos! =S

    • That’s where it got a bit tricky for me too, and I haven’t really chosen, but I’ve read up on Aldmeri religion some. The Frontier is the land of Talos. This is one of the few places where Talos worship is still permitted, and his statue is even standing proudly in the town square of Anvil Nova, just outside the Cathedral dedicated to him. This will be the setting of many interesting political developments between the Thalmor and the Anvil Nova government in this mod. The Aldmeri worship the other eight divines as usual though, primarily Akatosh, but Aedra worship seems to be prominent as well. Not that a monastery needs just one of the gods; it can also be dedicated to things like meditation, retreat or other religious practices, but I think dedicating it to Akatosh would be a good idea.

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