Some of the progress today

I’ve been working with LOD today, mostly. LOD is what you see in the distance. Like distant trees, rocks, mountains, buildings. Those sorts of things.

LOD always ends up looking really bad. Especially the settled areas start looking crap. Also, I’ve tried to generate distant trees, but they don’t show up in-game at all. No worries. I’m not the only modder having trouble with LOD, and I’ve been there before. It seems all Bethesda games are like this, and I know full-well that the end result, however maybe far in the future, will be more than pleasing.

To keep my modding morale up, I need to do beautiful things in-between crappy LOD. That’s why I’ve also dedicated some of my energy today to detailing the terrain of The Frontier. There are some random beautiful pictures from The Frontier down below.

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