Portable Campsite

Another mod recommendation here. This is Portable Campsite by mcxar. This lets you buy camping gear and set up camp wherever you want. This may not seem really useful, but it’s a lot of fun.

I remember having a mod like this in Oblivion too. Vilja and me set up camps all over the place when out scouting for good locations to place towns and villages. Aaah, those were the days. I hope this Portable Campsite mod will become just as memorable.

This mod has many more different types of gear than the one I had for Oblivion. Large and small tents, chairs, campfires and numerous other thigs to play around with. It also has several translated versions.

Out camping.

4 responses to “Portable Campsite

    • I should make a Frontier Fatigue Script which demands rest every now and then when travelling in the north. Otherwise the player would be hit by some sort of penalty. That could be an interesting addition.

      • Would certainly add a great deal of realism and also depth to that new land feel of Frontier. Not yet fully settled so amenities more difficult to come by?

      • Exactly. There will be no safe taverns or villages in the north. Perhaps a few friendly trading camps, but that’s it. Otherwise it will be all hostile.

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