The Last Outpost

The last outpost before the untamed wilderness of the Frontier is the town of Carnar. This outpost will be your last chance to purchase supplies, do some smithing and rest before entering the northern wilds. Carnarshire is poor; it’s economy is based on logging and farming and most of its income goes straight into the efforts of protecting the colony from the wild barbarians in the north who do constant raids in the area.

The town itself is done. I’ve added interiors too, but they’re not decorated yet. I think I succeeded in making it look like the small frontier outpost it’s supposed to be. It looks kinda quaint. I only need to add a small keep to it still, as there’s going to be a baron overseeing the area and he needs a small fortress to rule from. The Baron of Carnarshire is going to play a role in the main storyline later on as well.

12 responses to “The Last Outpost

    • Thanks. Now I just need to make the keep look like a true frontier fort too. Shouldn’t be too hard with all those vanilla stockades and fort meshes.

  1. There’s only two things I’m anxiously waiting, sounds of skyrim civilization and Frontier, seriously, enter into this page has become painful for me.. I just need to play it πŸ˜›

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