The Farmer Family

It seems I’m always doing things that I shouldn’t. I planned to make the keep/fortress at Carnar today, but instead I started creating a farm. I completed this entire farm with exteriors done and the interior fully decorated as well. This will be the home of four NPC’s. the farmer and his wife, their daughter as well as the farmhand. And oh yeah, they should have a dog too.

I have all NPC’s clearly in my head already when I start creating the areas they will inhabit. The farmer is an old-fashioned gentleman who lives by the old ways and honours. He’s an old veteran (possibly of higher rank, like Legate) who fought for the Empire in the Great War, which is also why he hates the Thalmor more than anything in Tamriel. The farmer’s wife is strictly religious beyond what’s healthy. She has staring, dark  eyes and looks evil. The farmhand, this poor sod, sleeps on a bedroll out in the barn. He’s also a hunk, and the farmer’s daughter has a crush on him. She’s lazy and daydreams a lot; she’s quite attractive, but with a terrible nose that somewhat ruins her appearance. These farmers are quite well off, because they supply the entire Carnar area with their agricultural produce.

Wish I could start creating the NPC’s already.

8 responses to “The Farmer Family

  1. Are you using Apachii’s Sky Hair mod? Ive tried on my game but I keep getting CTD’s with. Hope it won’t be an issue when Frontier is released

    • Yep. That’s Apachii’s Sky Hair. I’ve never had a problem with it, other than the early versions had a bug which made all the hairstyles go black when near a lightsource. I’ve been using this mod ever since she got rid of that problem.

  2. Have you thought about creating a “Welthauptstadt” or some other grand architectural stuff? Perhaps something in Roman style?

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