Baron Carnar’s Keep

Baron Carnar’s keep ended up looking more like a small mansion than a keep proper, but I think it’s suitable for a poverty stricken Shire like Carnar. There will probably be an annex to this mansion/keep still, because the baron needs a lot of space to house all his soldiers.

Carnarshire lies on the very edge of civilization, and it is the first line of defense against the barbarians in the north. Therefore he fields an unproportionally large garrison and levy. His troops will also be spread out at watch towers and the like around the shire to keep the entire area under control. I will script occasional barbarian attacks and raids on the shire as well, to illustrate the pressing need for the Baron to keep his military strong and ready.

Carnar Keep

14 responses to “Baron Carnar’s Keep

  1. Looks like a well made keep. Whats the Baron like? I can imagine him as some old blugger who lives in the middle of no where. Maybe hiding a secret or something.

    Keep up your work man! May say it it alot or you get it a lot but its true, your works awesome. I’ll release my beta Island soon, so maybe you can test.

    • Yes! I’m looking forward to testing your mod. 🙂 The Baron of Carnar is an old man who has fought many successful battles during his time as Baron. He’s quite something of a legend in warrior circles on The Frontier. As it is right now, he’s only a shadow of his former self, due to old age, gout and old war wounds. He has a daughter and a son who de facto rule the Shire. The player will be able to marry the one of his choosing at some point during the main storyline.

  2. Arvelinkin, ettei kukaan ei-pohjoismaalainen voisi tehdä noin aidon oloisia pikkykyliä ynm.

  3. is the frontier a imperial colony? if that is case will the imperial soldiers wear the same armor like in skyrim?

    • The Frontier is an autonomous region. The Empire has never claimed it, although the Frontier’s representatives at the court in Imperial City are working on the matter of formally joining the colony with the Empire. This is why The Frontier was never touched by the White-Gold Concordat, and recently the Thalmor have been showing interest in expanding into the land. I really like the Imperial armour, and since the Frontier’s army is heavily Roman-inspired, I’d like to uniform it according to Imperial standards, but with tweaks.

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