Modder’s Resources

Thank Dibella for all the excellent modder’s resources that are being made ready for us modders to use in our mods. These things often enrich mods in totally new ways. I used a lot of them in Dibella’s Watch, and I will be using them here as well. Most often, I’m just looking for stuff to enhance the aesthetics of the mod a bit, make it a tad different from vanilla and generally add atmosphere.

I shouldn’t be adding details yet, but this one was too good to resist. I’m talking about Blary’s Open Books Resource. Right now, I’m only using them for eye candy and statics decorating the Protektor’s small study in the castle. These will come in handy later on when I create the Great Library of The University as well. I also need to create a proper map of The Frontier to decorate walls and tables, and I’m set.

10 responses to “Modder’s Resources

    • That’s good news! It looks like you’ve done a lot of work. I like the fact that you’ve taken inspiration from the Hundred Years’ War period, when the armies were indeed very heavily armoured in the field. Is that inspirational picture from the Battle of CrΓ©cy perhaps? I was planning to use some of Hothtrooper44’s excellent stuff myself to outfit my NPC’s too. In Oblivion there was never much choice when it came to male armours, but thank Dibella we have Hothtrooper this time around who’s making some fabulous stuff!

      • It’s the battle of Wakefield, took the picture from here:

        I considere it adecuate to my idea of the armies of skyrim hehe. Yeah in Oblivion never was much more decent mod stuff in fact, in the matter of the male decent stuff. As you say this time we have Hedge Knight set in example, and that’s pretty cool, oh yes. Keep on the good work, I visit this page almost daily and love the stuff that I see here πŸ™‚

  1. I have a question for the mod, when you’ve planted all the NPCs do you plan on having them be voiced? It might be hard to get voiced NPCs and extra work but voiced NPCs in mods always makes me enjoy them more personally.. And with how you describe alot of the NPCs that you speak of, I think they would need voices to truly shine that extra much ^^
    But anyways keep up the good work, which i’ve wrote other places aswell :P, and i’ll be awaiting this mod eagerly πŸ˜€

    • Yep. The mod will be fully or partially voiced as time and resources allow. There’s a massive community of voice actors over at TesAlliance, and I bet they’ll all be jumpping at the chance of voicing parts of this mod too. I will experiment with voice acting in my Primby Village mod soon, since the NavMesh bug has now been fixed and it’s been preventing me from updating that mod. Real modding is about to start with Skyrim.

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