All these goodies and a bug

Excellent. With the latest Skyrim patch pumped out, we’ve now got mounted combat. Finally, I say. Horses were a part of Oblivion too, but pretty much useless. I was really sad to see that they seemed to be dealt with in exactly the same way in Skyrim, but the latest patch has changed all that. It was about time the people of Tamriel learned basic cavalry tactics.

The NavMesh bug is finally fixed! This is the best news of all, I think, since that bug pretty much prevented any effective modding. I was worried there for a while, because it’s been in Bethesda’s games for years, and they’ve never fixed it. Until now.

Another small addition to the modding world with the latest patch is the Universal Silent Voice function. This means modders can create dialogue for their characters which will show up only as text for a few second on screen and have no spoken dialogue. I plan to get my mods all voice acted, but this silent voice addition is most welcome, since it makes planning and testing dialogue much easier. In Oblivion it was a very popular feature, but added by modders. Now, Bethesda has created a silent voice function themselves, a function which is only aimed at making modding easier. There is nothing stopping me from creating quests for Primby Village right now! I can go right ahead although I haven’t mobilized the voice actors yet.

The silent voice function has unfortunately caused a severe bug to appear in its wake though. Apparently it’s now impossible to edit any sort of vanilla dialogue, since editing that will break it and also cause result scripts to not execute. I’m hoping for a quick fix to that now, but I’m also very happy to see all the new additions with this update of Skyrim. We’re on the right track here, ladies and gentlemen!

About time the people of Tamriel learned basic cavalry tactics! Maybe the addition of mounted combat will see the rise of a knightly warrior class, eh.


2 responses to “All these goodies and a bug

    • Yes. The CK update seemed promising, with a host of new and interesting functions, but it added a bug where modded armour wouldn’t show up in-game. That would be catastrophic for the Elder Scrolls community, so they rolled back the update this morning. I hope they’ll look into it and release the proper update next week or so.

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