Currently working on…

I am currently working on the landscape. It takes a bit of time. Actually it will take a LOT of time. Pasting rocks, trees and logs is harder and more time-consuming than it sounds. The plan is to do the entire land of the Frontier first as an empty stage with exteriors and interiors done. Then I will release a limited Beta and have you test that empty land. Stay with this blog, so you’ll be the first ones to know when that V1 is released. It’ll be something to tell your grandchildren: “I was there and played Frontier from Beta Version 1. I was there when Frontier was still just an empty stage”. After that, I start adding the NPC’s, NavMeshes, quests and whatnot.

The detail of The Frontier will be stunning already by the first Beta release. It’s all hand-made and will look absolutely smashing, folks!

12 responses to “Currently working on…

  1. Good news Antiscamp! I am eager awaiting the beta testing but I should mention that I resist to patch to V 1.6. I am still on patch 1.4. Does that matter at this stage of Frontier?

    • No. Right now, the Frontier is just a stage. No NPC’s, no NavMesh or animals or anything. It will be a while yet before that stage is ready, but even then it shouldn’t matter what version of Skyrim you have.

  2. Wow, it is really looking good. Can’t wait to test it out. Will you be uploading it to Steam, Nexus or both?

    I have to ask have you thought about making a CK tutorial on how to create a new world?

    • Thank you. Yes, the final version will be on both Steam Workshop and the Nexus as well as a few other places like TesAlliance as well. The initial betas will only be at ModDB though.

      • Thats awesome, again it looks great and I can’t wait to try it out. Any thought on making a CK tutorial for how to make a new world? =D

      • I might do that in the future. Right now, I really don’t have the time, but when I’m finished with the “stage”, I could do a write-up with simple steps on how I did this new worldspace from the very start to finish. I have chosen to take the hard path in that I’m placing all objects in the world by hand. That takes longer, and there’s a generation feature in the CK that makes stuff like that easier and a whole lot faster. In my case, I don’t want anything generated at all, but I want my whole continent intelligently designed and the player is going to know that too as he travels it. In that manner, it’s also a gameplay-decision. I personally like exploring worlds in games that I know are full with meaningful features and all parts of them have a meaning and were created for a purpose.

  3. Yea, I knew from the beginning this was going to be awesome. Told ya guys…. (Anyone who didn’t have faith…) True genius right here folks!

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