Some good modding done this weekend

I’ve been doing great progress this weekend. I’ve been fiddling with a little bit of everything. I’ve updated the LOD for both objects and landscape and it looks much better than before. I’ve also been having fun with decorating interiors as well as creating new scenes outside. Here are some screenies as usual.

2 responses to “Some good modding done this weekend

  1. Looking really nice. Is that the baron’s keep on top of the hill? Also what hair mod are you using in that screenshot if you don’t mind me asking?

    • Yes. That’s Baron Carnar’s keep. It’s the last outpost of civilization. Beyond that, there’s only barbarians and snowstorms. The hair is from Apachii’s. I hope to have some of my NPC’s using those hairstyles too, especially the more ragged, barbaric, frontier-like ones.

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