Before and After

I found this old screenshot of the area at Carnar Village, so I went in-game and did a similar one of how it looks today. It’s quite an interesting description of progress during modding. I should do more like these, because sometimes I forget that everything just started as a blank heightmap.



6 responses to “Before and After

  1. Wow, I still can’t phathom how you do it. The most I have ever been able to do is make a small little dock area, and that never worked right lol

    • That’s a good start though, Pyrelle! I’ve been doing this since Morrowind in 2005, so I guess I’m doing most of it purely out of previous experiences.

      • You have 7 years of experience, that is pretty awesome! I never really got into modding, too busy with playing other games.

      • Thanks. Yep. I started modding Morrowind back in 2005 and released my first little house mod. I’ve been doing larger and larger projects after that. Frontier is my largest to date, and it’s shaping up really great. I really started modding games back in the nineties, but it wasn’t called modding back then and there was no market for it either.

  2. Perhaps I’m being pedantic, but those trees bug me. Wouldn’t it make more sense to start a village in the pinw forest, where the trees can be logged for timber? Also, the forest seems too dense around the houses – surely they would’ve cleared the area before building? Sorry for being so picky, but it annoys me.

    • LOL Don’t apologize! I like different opinions. When I designed the great city of Anvil Nova, I made it an effort that the city should have no trees at all growing inside the city walls. That would have been unrealistic however beautiful it would have been. As for the town of Carnar, as seen in these screenshots, I imagined a village with wooden settler houses imbedded in Aspen forest; I really only created the lush surroundings for the looks and aesthetics. Really, when you’re inside the village it doesn’t look half-bad and those trees don’t make such an impact in reality. There’s a logging camp quite near the village too, at the edge of the great pine forest. šŸ™‚

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