This Weekend

Gah! I’ve been working on Frontier all weekend. And I mean ALL weekend. I’ve been concentrating on one single area of the mod, the town of Benton at the very western edge of The Frontier.

Benton is now all done with all exteriors done, all interiors except the Baron’s Mansion are in place and decorated too. I still need to populate the mansion as well. Decorating interiors takes a lot of energy, but it’s real fun once you get going. You just have to imagine the people living there and it all falls in place naturally.

I am really pleased with how the town of Benton turned out. Some screenies for y’all as usual. Good night!

8 responses to “This Weekend

  1. Fantastic shots as always! Hard to see the interior pics because of the lighting, but I’m sure they’re great lol!

    • Oh? I use a mod called Realistic Lighting with Customization. It makes interiors much darker, but in vanilla lighting my interiors look far lighter as usual.

  2. Actually looking again at the pics, ignore what I said about the lighting…I think I might have been slouching in my seat when I looked…carry on! ๐Ÿ˜›

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