The Entry Point

I’ve been thinking about what location to use as the entry point to The Frontier. The first time the player enters the new continent will be a special occasion and be followed by some sort of “tutorial” introduction to the entire mod. After that first travel to The Frontier the player will be free to leave and enter the continent by boat travel between The Frontier and mainland Skyrim.

I was thinking about making the town of Benton the entry point where the player first encounters The Frontier. From there, the land opens up in all its open-world glory and just becomes more and more diverse and exciting as the player travels to the huge amounts of locations I’ve created, the major city of Anvil Nova, for example.

If I choose Benton for making first impressions, something like this will be the view that first meets the player as he starts his adventure in Frontier:

The first impression…?

On another note, I’ve been building Cilicia Prison on the south coast the past few days. The Prison is where all the worst criminals in the land are “stored” and also political dissidents. I’m planning a really interesting prison escape kind of quest for Cilicia. This is the Alcatraz of The Frontier.

8 responses to “The Entry Point

  1. I guess to answer your question on where to make the entry point would depend on the quest to lead the char to the frontire. Are they just traveling? or were they sentenced to hard labor in your prison. Are they searching for something or mearly washed a shore from a shipwreck? What ever the descision, from everything you have shown us, it will be amazing.

    • Yep. It all depends on how I decide to begin the story. I have the main developments of the story written to some extent already, but I always leave the finer details open and do them as I go about modding. This means that I’ve not decided on that crucial entry point yet, but I at least know in what context I want it to function alongside the beginning of the story.

    • It would be quite something to make the beginning of the entire mod a tribute to Morrowind. You know, you start on board a ship where you’re wakened by Jiub and then led through to the census office. 😀 We’ll see, but that would be a really great idea.

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