LOD can drive you nuts

Generating LOD (the objects and landscape you see in the distance) is one of those areas of modding the Elder Scrolls games that can really drive you mad. Last night, I was generating object lods and distant trees with no great success at all. In the end, all of the Frontier’s lod had vanished and I stood there in a one-cell-at-a-time type of world.

It was really the weirdest thing, since I followed the procedures I’ve been following numerous times when updating my lods. Nothing worked last night, and I left it at that. This morning when I started up the mod to take screenshots of the phenomenon, it was all there again just as before I started messing with the new lod. My lod has just miraculously reappeared and is back in all its loddy glory!

I am going to redo Frontier’s lod from the very beginning and see if I can make it work properly using the procedure I’ve been following before. It’s always a pain though and takes time. You also need to use a lot of third-party tools for it, since Bethesda gave us nothing working in this department.


4 responses to “LOD can drive you nuts

    • There are three things that need to be done. Landscape, Object and Tree lod and all of them have different detailed procedures. It’s quite a chore, but I think I’ll leave the Object and Tree lods alone now until the rest of the land is finished and then do them as well. The most important part is, after all, the heightmap landscape lod.

  1. Very true. The Tree LOD doesnt work for me, I load it with CK and it doesn’t work, although the object LOD does. I don’t like mine anyway, if you view my finished island from a “LOD” distance its looks so plain and boring, like nothings there.

    Hope you fix your troubles man, still way excited for this!

    • I’ve always had problems with the trees as well. They refuse to show up. Luckily, there are modders on the forums working on these things, so I do expect third party tools for all the different parts of the lod soon.

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