Serious problems going on

I am having really serious problems with Frontier right now.

It seems it’s causing the rest of the game to break completely. When I have Frontier activated, I get missing statics, CTD’s and black screens entering interiors when playing the rest of the game. I haven’t noticed this until just recently since I’ve felt the urge to play the game through once more. That’s impossible right now with Frontier activated.

There are absolutely no problems within the Frontier worldspace. I can run around my own worldspace for hours with no problems at all, while I only can get ten minutes of play in Skyrim before I get a CTD. So much fun!

Obviously this appeared sometime around the launch of patch 1.6, so I hope it’s a problem they’ll fix. SOON. I’ve posted about it on the official CK forum to see if anyone else is having the same sort of problem with their mods. Promoting Frontier into an .esm might help and I’ll try that tomorrow evening if noone has any better solution.

For now, I have to play the Main Quest without Frontier activated, activate it when I want to mod and wait and watch for a proper solution. Nothing is unsolvable though, and I have to remember that I’m modding a game very much in development still and things and conditions change with it all the time and with every patch.

2 responses to “Serious problems going on

  1. >_< I hope things workout fine with whatever's going wrong. definitely excited for whenever the full release of this mod will be available, looks amazing so far šŸ˜€ keep up the great work dude

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