Solved it

Waking up this morning and drinking morning coffee, I solved my recent problems with Frontier. It was simple enough, but sometimes a modder needs a kick in the right direction and just hear the right words. Thanks go to the people at the Official Elder Scrolls forum for doing just that – kicking me.

It seems, Frontier has reached a level where it’s best to have it as an .esm and not an .esp-file. Converting an .esp into an .esm takes like two seconds with Wrye Bash. I did that this morning and tested both my mod and regular Skyrim and all seems to work OK. I now just need to change my workorder. I’ll still work with the mod as an .esp, but when testing it, I’ll change it into an .esm.

I’m still quite unclear on how an isolated worldspace like Frontier won’t work together with the rest of the game as an .esp, but who cares really when the solution to the problem was so easy and straightforward. Back to work on Frontier, therefore. Yay!

12 responses to “Solved it

  1. Endorphins and adrenaline is what it is called. I just had a similar experience yesterday evening after solving a (much minor) problem in the CS. πŸ™‚

    • It’s really easy! you just right-click your .esp in the mod list in Wrye Bash and select “Copy to ESM”. This will create a copy of your .esp as an .esm and you only have to activate it by ticking the box. Make sure you don’t have your .esp ticked.

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