The Northern Tribes

The following is the in-game book “The Northern Tribes”, which I started some time ago. I filled in the final gaps today. It will give some background to the different tribes you’ll meet in the wilds of Frontier. I haven’t pasted the book into the mod as yet. I’ll do that when I create the University of The Frontier with its central library.


The Nordic tribes of the Frontier are the pitiful descendants of “The Shining Kingdom” of King Ruurek the Great that once ruled the entire continent and had its base at what is now Anvil Nova. When the Imperial colonists arrived, these Nord remnants were successively pushed back into the northern woods where they now live, fighting constant battles with their Orcish enemies as well as between themselves.

Recently, a Confederacy between the main four Nordic tribes has been established and they seem to have put their internal feuding aside. They have been known to make raids on colony territory to capture slaves, harass troops movements and destroy new settlements. The settlers of Anvil Nova gave their four major tribes names according to their own logic, like the Berserker and Reaver tribes, but the nords themselves find those names demeaning.

Mount Heligmound to the north of Lake Carnar is considered a holy place for the Nord tribes and the only geographical location they actually unite around. No outsiders are allowed near the mountain, and recent surge in barbarian activity suggest that the Nords are concerned about the swift expansion of Baron Carnar’s holdings in the area. If Colonial expansion towards Heligmound continues, a major clash with the Nord tribes will be inevitable.

The Reaver Tribe (Ghaar)

The most prominent of the Nord tribes has its centre at Ghaar Village in the very north of the Frontier. Not many have visited there and come back to tell the story, however, rumours tell of human sacrifices of prisoners of war and other horrific actions being committed at this tribal centre. Their warriors are heavily armoured and they fight with the axe as the preferred weapon, however, for the settlers of the Frontier, they haven’t been much threat since they most often fight their Orcish archenemy in a kind of eternal vendetta and place most of their energy in that war.

The Berserker Tribe (Syd-Ghaar)

The Syd-Ghaar are invested with protecting Heligmound and build their primitive fortifications and villages around that area, but also in the Icy Wastelands to the east of the holy mountain. Their tribe is predominantly patriarchal. The men go to war and fight, while the women stay in the villages but sometimes arm themselves in proper Nord fashion when enemies approach the villages. Rumour has it that the Berserkers use mammoths as cattle and even as weapons in war!

The Marauder Tribe (Stoor-Stein)

Possibly the most civilized of the Nord tribes lives just north east of Lake Carnar and are known to welcome traders and adventurers. They make their living in small stone huts and seem curious about the outer world. They are not to be considered friendly in any way, for they consider the colonists of Anvil Nova with suspicion, and consider the further colonization northwards a threat to their sacred places and homeland.

The Ranger Tribe (Urtiid)

The southernmost tribe, by the Imperials named “The Rangers” are the ones who are in most contact with the settlers of The Frontier. Although, peaceful and shy, moving swiftly and silently through their wooden homes, they are beasts in war and if provoked, they will fight to the death. their warriors are lightly armed and prefer the use of bow and arrow. Due to their proximity to the Orcis tribes, they are involved in constant fighting with those.

4 responses to “The Northern Tribes

  1. Should say “Who once ruled the entire continent….”, located in first paragraph. Should have a comma after enemies in the last sentence of the first paragraph.
    First sentence of the 2nd paragraph should say “four main” as opposed to main four. Should say “a recent surge” in 3rd paragraph. In the 2nd line of 4th paragraph, it should have a semicolon after however, instead of a comma. Again in the 5th line of 4th paragraph, just switch the comma after however into a semicolon. Same paragraph, last sentence, “energy in” should be “energy into”.

    Sorry I am such a proofreading freak!

    Sounds very interesting…Keep it up…

  2. ‘Recently, a Confederacy between the main four Nordic tribes has been established and they seem to have put their internal feuding aside.’

    The King in the North!

    Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :3

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