Up North

A few views from the Barbaric North, the land of constant snowstorms and inhospitability. The camp seen belongs to one of the great barbaric tribes. There will be numerous camps like these, all different in size and design, dotting the wilderness, guarded by hostile barbarians.

8 responses to “Up North

    • Yep. These will be for real. I will recreate much of what we saw in the Bloodmoon expansion for Morrowinds in regards to the Nordic tribes. Solstheim was filled with aggressive barbarians. My hostiles will have an agenda though and their hostility towards all outsiders will have a meaning and reason which the player will be able to explore, probably in the main questline. There will be similar Orcish tribes to the north west on my continent as well and these will be at constant war with the Nords, so you’ll run into regular battles in the wilderness between the Nords and Orcs.

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