Castle Tyrrha

Castle Tyrrha is the home of one of the richest barons in the land. He makes his wealth by owning the entire horse-breeding operation on the Frontier. All the quality horses in the land, come from his stables. Castle Tyrrha sits on a high hill overlooking the grassy plains where these excellent horses are raised. It’s not quite finished yet; I still have the interior to create and want to clutter the surroundings a bit, but here’s a screenie:

Castle Tyrrha

10 responses to “Castle Tyrrha

  1. It looks very nice, I bet it’ll look great at a distance, with plains of horses in the foreground. 🙂

    • And I like creating them. Castle Tyrrha isn’t that large though. There’s an area in Frontier though called Easthaven Valley where there’s a Breton kingdom and those people build fairy tale castles high on cliffs overlooking the hotsprings of the valley. Those castles will be large and impressive. I haven’t begun working on them as yet though. I need different meshes for them.

      • For some reason, they always make vanilla castles that seem small. I remember back in Oblivion, somebody modded a pretty good castle you had to explore. It was filled with some kind of skeletons, or other creatures. It was decent sized compared to vanilla.

      • I did a castle like that for Oblivion too. It was involved in a quest for my Dibella’s Watch. I filled it with skeletons and the whole castle was run-down with broken barrels and crates, burning piles of rubble and all the furniture thrown about. It was a lot of fun to create and the action in there was really intense. I don’t really like dungeons myself, so much of the action in Frontier will also take place in the corridors of castles, in the environment and in interiors.

  2. There is a torture chamber, right? Does the Baron have a arch-enemy? To me it looks more like a fortified mansion than a castle. I bet that castle won’t hold long in a siege 😛

    • As you note, it’s more like a fortified mansion. A proper military fortification would be much larger and hold more defensive walls and so on. I’m planning to make a copy of Krak De Chevaliers (which was a crusader castle in the Middle Ages and considered one of the finest examples of medieval military architecture), which will be a whole lot more impressive and designed to stand a good siege too. That’s going to be an interesting project.

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