If I’d live in Frontier

If I’d get to choose one location to live in from all the areas I’ve created so far, it would be here. This is one of the small stables outside Castle Tyrrha. It lies beautifully at the edge of the woods meeting the Tyrrha plains. The castle can be seen some distance from here. Yeah, I’d live here together with my redhead lady, raise some horses during the days and read a lot of books from all over Tamriel in the evenings and just go about my picturesque business and not care about dragons, dragonborns or northern barbarian invasions at all.

Man, those mountains need work still though…

7 responses to “If I’d live in Frontier

  1. In games I prefer to live in humble cottages myself
    And when I look at your screenshot I feel already at home. 🙂

    • I’ll also create a home village for the player in Frontier, but that comes when I do the AltStart addition, like I did in DW. it will be a humble beginning with a picturesque village like Greenford in DW.

  2. Looks nice…. a quiet life sounds very interesting. But I would be more of a wealthy farmer who owns some property and also reads a lot of books. ❤ books!

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