MERP’s Cease & Desist

The MERP-Project is one of the grandest modding projects for the Elder Scrolls ever. The idea was to make the world of Middle Earth as seen in Tolkien’s novels come alive in the Elder Scrolls environment. They started with Oblivion and did some pretty amazing stuff and later brought over the project to Skyrim. The project has been going on for years and involved a lot of people. I’ve been following it with interest and even considered joining once I finished Frontier.

That is obviously not going to be the case. Yesterday one of the developers of the mod said on MERP’s ModDB-page that they have received a Cease & Desist letter from the Warner Brothers who owns the “rights” to Tolkien’s creation. The MERP-team is going to comply, and who’s to blame them, being up against the evils of mega-corporation greed and their attourney lackeys. With this, the MERP-project is gone and one of the most promising modding projects for the Elder Scrolls is history.

Aiokani: MERP fans: We are aware that you have waited patiently for our news. Recently we have received a Ceast & Desist letter from Warner Brothers Entertainment, and in a disappointment shared among our team we are complying with that request. We are avidly seeking a resolute course to continue modding, but we cannot at this time discuss this publicly and with that I urge you to please be patient and hopeful that we will find a way.

This is yet another example of corporation greed killing human creativity. First they bring us into recession and economic turmoil and then they try to take our creativity away. They try to take our souls. I personally damn the Warner Brothers and their like to Burning Hell. I long for the day, and it is coming, when there are no more copyright laws and inhumane, counter-productive limits on human creativity. For that day is coming, Warner Brothers, and on that day we, the free, shall spit on the burning ruins of your rotten, evil, greedy corporation and we shall deal punishment.

Vestra University

This is the exterior of Vestra University not far from Dibella’s Monastery in the south of the continent. The university will have several functions, among other things, I will create a library which collects all the in-game books and documents in Frontier. The university will be the place to go to read up on the history, culture and geography and other knowledge about the Frontier.

I did a similar university in Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion and had some real fun with it. I’m really looking forward to creating that dusty library filled with knowledge!

The south of the continent is mostly done when this exterior is finished. Just some detailing and tweaks still and it’ll be acceptable. I really want the south to look settled and civilized, so I’ve gathered all the more impressive locations of civilization to the south, but really, I’m just warming up still. The most impressive stuff is yet to come – in the Barbaric North.

More love for Dibella

This is the entry hall to Dibella’s Monastery on the island of Godfrey. The light conditions in there ended up being pretty much perfect. I’m probably going to use this entry hall to screenshoot my Skyrim characters. It’s really a semi-interior. The monastery is built into the mountain and I wanted the interior to reflect that. I used more of Tamira’s plants too.

Dibella deserves a lot of love.

New Plants

Thanks go to Tamira and¬†Yughues for the New Plants. Modders like me live on the fact that people are producing and sharing modder’s resources. The new plants are perfect for spicing up interiors. Here they are seen in action in one of the… erm… spicier interiors of Frontier.

Godfrey Dibella’s Monastery

Dibella needs an own part of the Frontier since I’m a fan of hers. I like her ideas about love and beauty. I based my entire Oblivion mod “Dibella’s Watch” on her and now I’m importing her to Frontier too. There’s a small island off the south coast of The Frontier called Godfrey, which I had already assigned to her cult. On this island, I’ve now built the exterior of her temple and monastery, and it’s looking good.

I was really going to do more this weekend. I have some new plants and trees to paste, but I need to add them later.