Announced at Quakecon: Dawnguard is now available for download on Steam. Read more on the BethBlog. This is actually very much Breaking News, not even SkyrimNexus has it on the front page yet, peeps.

Good news coming as a total surprise. Too late this evening for me and I just returned from a long road trip to the land where the sun never sets, so I need to sleep, but it seems I have my weekend cut-out.

12 responses to “Dawnguard

  1. Will they sell it at Walmart? I don’t like actually buying downloadable games…because what if I have to reformat my computer?

    • All games you get on Steam are stored in your account and downloadable again whenever you need it. I’ve downloaded and reinstalled Skyrim four or five times. I can understand your concern about downloadable Steam-software though. Right now, I can’t personally get into Steam at all, because the servers are probably overloaded or something, which also means that my software is tied there to a place I can’t get into at the moment and I can’t even buy or download anything. That’s one drawback with downloadable games.

      I am uncertain if Dawnguard will be published boxed, since it’s called DLC which indeed means Downloadable Content.

  2. Okay…I found it is only available through steam, so I held my nose and DLed it. I have yet to play it though. But as soon as I type this last period….

  3. Honestly I can’t say I’m thrilled about it, I bought it, but there are two things that worry me…

    1. Mod incompatibilities.

    2. There is a game script where vampire attacks can occur on any village/town, where any NPC can be killed by a vampire, this means NPCs needed for quests can die…why Bethesda thought this was a good idea I’ll never know…

    • Yep. I noticed the vampires attacking settlements at night. They appeared in the middle of Whiterun in one of my games. Feels a bit like the MCA-mod for Morrowind where bandits and raiders appeared in the middle of the settlements too. There will without a doubt be a lot of mod incompatibilities; mostly vampire and werewolf mods will be in trouble.

  4. Thankfully I don’t use any mods affecting vampires or werewolves, but, the more I hear about these vampire attacks, the more I’m concerned about them. Some people are reporting half their village NPCs being wiped out…

    • Me neither. Vampires and werevolves don’t really fascinate me anyways. Hunting them should be fun though. I haven’t checked up on my Primby Village yet to see if it gets wiped out too. I’m going there soon though, because it’s in dire need of a proper update anyways. I placed a good amount of guards though, so I think it’s safe since vampires are no match for the town guards.

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