Finished Dawnguard – back to modding

So I finished Dawnguard as a vampire hunter last night. I still have the other side to do, but I want a character fitting to be a vampire for that. I don’t know yet whether I’ll incorporate this DLC into Frontier or not. It does have some pretty impressive resources though, so it might be a good idea. We’ll see.

I liked the story in Dawnguard. I like Serana too. She’s like a good friend. I had lots of flashbacks to my own Västhelm expansion for Dibella’s Watch in Oblivion. Those who have played that, will see some similarities between Dawnguard and DW. I think I’m a prophet, because I created Västhelm months before Skyrim was even out. Oh well.

Overall Dawnguard is impressive. Just as you think it can’t become any more impressive, it throws something even more shiny at you. The story is also enjoyable and the new stuff you get, such as the crossbows – and a certain bow – are fun to play with. Some of the scenery is really nice too. I recommend Dawnguard, although it has some things I don’t really like. Like the random vampire attacks on settlements and so on.

Back to modding now. I have lots of ideas for Frontier after playing Dawnguard.

No spoilers. Here’s my Breton character visiting one of the scenes in Dawnguard.

8 responses to “Finished Dawnguard – back to modding

  1. Incorporate Dawnguard? hmmmm – please not – or only as an additional option.
    I do not intend to download it just for some cool features. I don’t like vampires at all 😦

    • I don’t like vampires either, but I really liked the Dawnguard story. We’ll see if I incorporate the new features and resources. It’s a future decision really.

  2. I never played Dawnguard…yet. 20 euro’s is a lot of money. You think it’s worth the money?

    It’s nice to hear you have alot of ideas thanks to this add-on. Did you experience that also with other mods? Which mods did you inspire?

    • Yeah. I think it’s worth it. I enjoyed the story as a vampire hunter and I still have the other side to play through too. If you’re not interested in Dawnguard right now, I bet it will be a lot cheaper on sales and so in the future and will without a doubt appear on Skyrim Collections and so on too.

      Oh and as for what mods that inspire me, I’ll have to write a whole blog post about that, because there are many, and it could be a really great subject for a post! Stay tuned for that and thanks for the idea.

  3. I am also currently playing as a vampire hunter. The reason I chose this side is because I did not want to do the story that has been seen a million times already on YouTube. But it is one of the best 20 bucks I have spent!

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