New Plants

Thanks go to Tamira and Yughues for the New Plants. Modders like me live on the fact that people are producing and sharing modder’s resources. The new plants are perfect for spicing up interiors. Here they are seen in action in one of the… erm… spicier interiors of Frontier.

10 responses to “New Plants

    • Yes it is. There’s a really special thing going on here that you won’t find many places elsewhere in Western Society these days. Everyone do things for free, share things for free and help out for free. Some of us put thousands of hours of work into creating these mods and players get to play these mods for free. It shows that the human driving factor can be other things than just money. That’s why it’s worrying that they are now trying to introduce money as a factor in Skyrim modding as well; in the long run it will ruin this atmosphere we have completely. The donation boxes on SkyrimNexus are just the first step.

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