More love for Dibella

This is the entry hall to Dibella’s Monastery on the island of Godfrey. The light conditions in there ended up being pretty much perfect. I’m probably going to use this entry hall to screenshoot my Skyrim characters. It’s really a semi-interior. The monastery is built into the mountain and I wanted the interior to reflect that. I used more of Tamira’s plants too.

Dibella deserves a lot of love.

8 responses to “More love for Dibella

    • Wish I had more god statues. I should make a request about that. Dibella’s is without a doubt my favourite though. 😀 I am really glad they made her look the part with her statue in Skyrim. Her statue in Oblivion was pretty plain.

  1. Whoa! Wanna be there – NOW!

    Statue: have a look at the “tg01dibellastatue”, it is textured differently and looks perfect for that location in my opinion.

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