Vestra University

This is the exterior of Vestra University not far from Dibella’s Monastery in the south of the continent. The university will have several functions, among other things, I will create a library which collects all the in-game books and documents in Frontier. The university will be the place to go to read up on the history, culture and geography and other knowledge about the Frontier.

I did a similar university in Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion and had some real fun with it. I’m really looking forward to creating that dusty library filled with knowledge!

The south of the continent is mostly done when this exterior is finished. Just some detailing and tweaks still and it’ll be acceptable. I really want the south to look settled and civilized, so I’ve gathered all the more impressive locations of civilization to the south, but really, I’m just warming up still. The most impressive stuff is yet to come – in the Barbaric North.

6 responses to “Vestra University

    • Thank you kindly 🙂 I am placing every item in the interiors as well by hand. Every cup and fork on the tables. Creating one simple, but detailed, farm interior takes me a little longer an hour. The university will take a lot longer than that though.

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