MERP’s Cease & Desist

The MERP-Project is one of the grandest modding projects for the Elder Scrolls ever. The idea was to make the world of Middle Earth as seen in Tolkien’s novels come alive in the Elder Scrolls environment. They started with Oblivion and did some pretty amazing stuff and later brought over the project to Skyrim. The project has been going on for years and involved a lot of people. I’ve been following it with interest and even considered joining once I finished Frontier.

That is obviously not going to be the case. Yesterday one of the developers of the mod said on MERP’s ModDB-page that they have received a Cease & Desist letter from the Warner Brothers who owns the “rights” to Tolkien’s creation. The MERP-team is going to comply, and who’s to blame them, being up against the evils of mega-corporation greed and their attourney lackeys. With this, the MERP-project is gone and one of the most promising modding projects for the Elder Scrolls is history.

Aiokani: MERP fans: We are aware that you have waited patiently for our news. Recently we have received a Ceast & Desist letter from Warner Brothers Entertainment, and in a disappointment shared among our team we are complying with that request. We are avidly seeking a resolute course to continue modding, but we cannot at this time discuss this publicly and with that I urge you to please be patient and hopeful that we will find a way.

This is yet another example of corporation greed killing human creativity. First they bring us into recession and economic turmoil and then they try to take our creativity away. They try to take our souls. I personally damn the Warner Brothers and their like to Burning Hell. I long for the day, and it is coming, when there are no more copyright laws and inhumane, counter-productive limits on human creativity. For that day is coming, Warner Brothers, and on that day we, the free, shall spit on the burning ruins of your rotten, evil, greedy corporation and we shall deal punishment.

13 responses to “MERP’s Cease & Desist

  1. WTF! This is just crazy!
    I totally agree with you, this is just stupid behavior from WB, what could they possible stand to loose on the Merp project?
    The MERP team are really talented and have made some really nice stuff, I really feel with them.
    This is not OK on so many levels. Just so angry right now, the bastards…
    Thanks for sharing this, I had not seen it before.

    • Yeah! Totally senseless. The MERP-team is obviously considering other options, as I read some of the comments on the ModDb-page, but it won’t be Tolkien’s Middle Earth as we know it, I’m sure. How can a corporation ever believe that the “own” the creation of a dead author!? Tolkien’s work belongs to those who love it! What a world of absurd greed we’re living in!

  2. This is just wrong, i hope that someday, people will get a little sense shoved into their brains. WB would actually probably gain from the mod, some people might want to buy the movies after they played the mod
    I think Tolkien would have been dissapointed 😦

    • I can only guess that they’re developing some kind of own video game about Middle Earth right now and don’t need the competition. Tolkien himself is probably turning in his grave.

    • Yeah. Hollywood is one of history’s most efficient propaganda machines. It has the whole world fooled and tricked into utter submission and acceptance.

      • Because people mistakenly think that having money (as in rich actors/actresses) makes you lovable and believable. Did you know that actors in Roman times were treated like shit? That is how it should be today.

      • Amen, brother. I wonder how many of them would act if it just came down to passion and we removed the paycheck from the equation? Western society and culture is really very shallow since we reward virtues like physical outer beauty and material well-being over talent and passion.

  3. I wonder how their attention was even brought to the mod? I doubt Warner Brothers Executives actively searched Mod DB for it… :/ ?

    I think companies with masses of wealth and long histories tend to become detached from the real world a bit, they seem to go completely overboard and see any tiny reference to something they own as some kind of massive threat to them, as if a mod for a computer game ever could be…

    • Skyrim is a big game and its mods are getting a lot of attention right now. There has been a certain focus on MERP on different sites all over the place and so on, so I bet they’ve picked it up at some news site or somewhere like that.

      I really can’t getting my head around the fact that they state that they “own” the works of a dead author. Here’s some news: They don’t! It’s like owning air or dirt, it’s like trying to own thought or – life. It’s completely absurd. A system where you can pay to own the works, and in this case fantasy worlds, of an author who is dead is an absurd system and needs to be changed. I think this is, in fact, the next step in democratic evolution, and in the future – the near future – we will look back on these days of greedy, primitive materialism and laugh.

  4. MERP is actually has devs from all over the world in many different countries. We’ve performed an interview at recently and our modders also post in their local country favorite sites. So, yeah it would be relatively easy for WB to know about our project.

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