I tried an ENB

So I tried an ENB, but I didn’t like it. I can’t play the game like that although it’s somewhat beautiful. I took a screenshot of the town of Benton. Geez. It ended up really fine and shiny. Just look at it. I’m going to make an in-game painting of it and hang it on the wall in the Benton tavern.

6 responses to “I tried an ENB

  1. I’ve never used ENBs, I’ve used weather/lighting mods, but ENBs have always looked too false for my tastes, there are some that claim to be ‘realistic’ and give a colder feel to the world, and I would be interested in them, but meh…

    You could see if they’re any better if you wanted.

    I love the idea of hanging an in-game screenshot as a painting in-game though, awesome!

    • I’ve never messed around with them either. Somehow they feel out of place, as you mention. I currently use Realistic Lighting with Customization, which is a work in progress which I’m very interested in seeing developed. It makes my dungeons darker, interiors warmer and exteriors generally get a more natural feel. The only things I really don’t like is the colour of the water and how the horizons look, but otherwise it’s really good.

  2. I tried out Realistic Lighting and really liked it actually, then I saw that Gopher had reccomended Climates of Tamriel and I thought I’d give that a go, since it seems basically the same as Realisitic Lighting, except it has added weather effects.

    • Realistic Lighting had weather effects once too. I personally didn’t like them much, since I thought they were not too wel-done, but you could turn them off. That was a good feature and I’m sure if they’d worked on it, it could have been great in the end. For some reason they discarded them in a later update.

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