A new harbour

I was really not satisfied with how the harbour in the city of Anvil Nova looked. It was just a couple of docks sticking out into the water and it didn’t look like an important port, where a lot of trade goes, in any way.

So I redesigned it only by pulling the lighthouse further out into the sea, built docks leading up to it, and also built a harbour fort on the other side. Now it looks like these two constructions create a framework for the harbour and it looks much more impressive in-game. More ships and docks added as well. And clutter to reflect the ongoing trade with the rest of Tamriel.

This is probably the hundredth redesign of the City of Anvil Nova. Geez. When will I be completely satisfied with it!?

This is the redesigned harbour at Anvil Nova. The new fort is seen to the left, the lighthouse to the right.

The updated city map of Anvil Nova. The harbour looks much more appropriate for a bustling medieval city.

6 responses to “A new harbour

    • LOL. The other night I was playing my old 2010 mod Fairy Tale for Civilization and I’m still sitting there finding stuff that “I should be improving on”. Luckily I’m not that rigorous of a perfectionist that I don’t get stuff released in the end. I know these things can never be anything but near-perfection. I have my trusty playtesters to bug me into near-perfection later as well. 😉

  1. I liked looking at the map from above that you put. I see the temple, and is that a market in the middle upper part of the scene?

    • The vanilla cities were really a disappointment. I like Whiterun and Solitude though, but they’re nothing like the mighty complex of Imperial City or even Chorrol in Oblivion or anything near as exotic as Ald Ruhn and Vivec in Morrowind. I know it’s demanding to create big cities. All the towns need masses of interiors and NPC’s with detailed AI-packages. For future Elder Scrolls’ I hope they’re going to make more generic interiors and NPC’s and only detail those important ones. Masses of randomly generated NPC’s living in generic interiors would really make the cities look awesome with bustling cities and streets filled with life. Quantity rather than quality in this respect, because the more the merrier as far as cities are concerned, and so far all the Elder Scrolls games have failed to create really bustling, great megacities and only supplied us with what is in fact small villages.

      Also, while I’m at it, I’d also like them to take back the “stupid, generated conversations” we had in Oblivion. You know, the “I saw a mudcrab the other day” type of stuff. People laughed at them and they were indeed pretty funny sometimes, but they added life to the NPC’s and the town environments that I don’t see in Skyrim. Those conversations shouldn’t have been cut and replaced with heavily scripted ones. They should have worked on that feature and made it better, because as it is, the problems with believable NPC’s are even greater in Skyrim. Instead of the silly conversations we have the arrow in the knee and NPC’s spilling out their private lives to the player as a random passer-by.

      Oh my what a wall of text, but I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this and how to implement believable NPC’s in my own Anvil Nova.

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