The Benton Painting

The Benton Painting

Right. Here we are. I used Artisanix’ Paintings and Frames to create the Benton Painting. It was really easy and took a couple of minutes.It’s now hanging proudly on the wall of The Three Bridges Inn in the town of Benton.

Pity there weren’t paintings shipped with Skyrim as standard. Every home had beautiful paintings in them 200 years ago during the Oblivion Crisis, so I can’t understand why they aren’t present today. They really heighten atmosphere and add a bit of character and uniqueness into interiors. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. People in Skyrim don’t seem to appreciate artistic beauty overall. In that case, the culture in the Imperial colony on The Frontier will sure allow for paintings.

8 responses to “The Benton Painting

  1. Indeed, where have the paintings gone in Skyrim? Backstep in culture? 😦

    When I made my own house for Skyrim after the CK was released, one of the first things was to import a frame from oblivion and add a screenshot to create a painting. Makes my house a home.

    • Culture overall seems to have gone into decline since the Oblivion Crisis. A lot of turmoil going on with the civil war and the Great War and all. I wonder how things look in Cyrodiil itself.

  2. A lot of the homes in Skyrim seem pretty basic, giving the impression that a lot are just trying to get enough bread to survive and can’t worry about paintings, the houses in Whiterun and Solitude have no excuse though, they should have paintings.

    Anyway, awesome picture and an awsome screenshot, the inn looks to be very cosy. =)

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