Adding Detail

I’ve been adding in some detail in the City of Anvil Nova. I shouldn’t really do this at this stage yet, but I want to. It’s fun and makes a tremendous difference.

This is a nice detail. I found these hanging skeletons in Modder’s Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67. I placed them just below the new harbour fortress in Anvil Nova. This is pretty much how it used to look at harbour entrances in the New World during the 17th century. Executed pirates were hung out for public display, as a warning to other sailors on what could happen if they took up the profession of piracy. There’s lots more in that resource pack I’m going to use as well.

Here we see the Food Container Resource by Blary in action. It adds boxes and baskets of food to easily be pasted into market environments. I am going to use these a lot in the agricultural areas of Frontier. By pure principle I cannot add tomatoes or potatoes to my mod. These were vegetables that came to Europe from America and were not present in Europe during the Middle Ages. I have actually reserached this. Redface. I know this is a fantasy setting, but I dunno, it just feels wrong to add them knowing that they’re “not medieval”.

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    • Thanks. I think it’s great that they’re crucified too, bringing our thoughts directly to famous torture and execution methods of the civilized Romans. My culture on the Frontier is a strange mix of Medieval European, Ancient Roman and Colonial/Frontier New World. it all falls together like a puzzle as usual and even the resources are working on my side! 😀

      • Muslims in Egypt are still crucifying their enemies as of 2012. Oh wait…I forgot muslims are still stuck in 626 AD…

      • In my country it’s actually still forbidden in law to spell God with a lower case G. It’s really laughable, because we’re supposed to be one of the Scandinavian model-democracies shining like beacons in the world with freedom, happiness for all. And still.

        There are fundamentalists in all camps. I actually know christians who seriously believe that it’s possible to dig so deep into the ground that you can hear the devil scream down there (according to this theory there’s obviously a mine in Russia where they’ve done this!). And I ain’t joking. Those are the kind of people who imprisoned Galilei, actually, but they don’t see it.

        Sometimes it feels like our whole world is stuck in the feudal, fundamentalist Middle Ages. I long for the day when all the superstitions are gone and we have a world of true democracy, science and reason and economic sustainability.

        Oh. And god.

  1. Ha awesome! Now I’m imagining the opening of the Frontier for the player will be somewhat reminicant of this… 😛

    • LOL! Something of that magnitude is actually what I have as one of the options for “opening scene” when the player first arrives on The Frontier. I haven’t decided on opening yet but from very early on I’ve imagined the player’s ship en-route for Anvil Nova being hijacked by pirates and shipwrecked and the player then begins his journey on The Frontier as washed ashore. Something like that.

      • I think in Oblivion, I don’t really remember exactly, having not played the game in a year, there was a cave to explore which led to an old dungeon that was chuck full of skeletons and bones all over in at least one or two rooms. Maybe you can make such a scene somewhere in your mod. I just had so much fun picking up every bone (there was a shitload) to take for alchemy use.

        Perhaps such a place could be the results of genocide years ago…they had to dump the bones somewhere! Like Rwanda…or Cambodia…or Germany…or….

  2. No potatoes or tomatoes? How will I make Venison or Horker Stew? You might have to get rid of those Gourds too, as I believe that variant is a new world one too.

    Point is, you have to really consider if you want to be strictly medieval European in a fantasy game which (you hint at yourself) is slightly silly.

    • You will be free to import tomatoes and potatoes as you see fit if you cannot live without Horker Stew. Maybe the tomatoes will sell well on the Anvil Nova Market.

  3. I saw on your another site that you are about to move on to the northern section of the map. One thing about Skyrim…I was kind of disappointed that there was not as much of a snowy section as I hoped. Do you think you can add a larger permafrost region than what Skyrim had? I mean for all the big hoopla they had me going that it was going to be a huge Arctic region…

    • Much of it will be covered in snowy forests, but there will be icy wastes too and a frozen fjord-like landsape to the east on the map. When I started wanting to create a landscape like this, I had Morrowind’s Ashlands in mind. I absolutely loved the ashlands. I remember actually getting lost in there and when I finally came out to civilization again, my character was always in a real bad shape after having fought numerous monsters in there. What a feeling to get to safety again after such a journey. I hope this will be like the Ashlands, but with snow and ice instead of, erm, ash.

  4. I wonder if it would be possible to make a Sonoran desert style mod? That is the desert I live in, in southern Arizona. It is the greenest desert in the world. This is because it has 2 rainy seasons, one in winter, and one in late summer (in fact, right at this moment, I am hearing thunder…supposed to be storming for the next 3 days). The construction kit would have to include weird shaped cactus, though.

    That would be pretty interesting if Bethesda, for ES VI preparation, sent a bunch of programmers and artist down here to study up on plant life and desert topography.

    • Oh yes, it’s fully possible to mod anything! There was a really great desert mod called Deserts of Anequina for Oblivion. I played that loads. I think someone modded weird looking cactuses already. 🙂

      • Yeah. Only exploring that first town over the bridge from Cyrodiil took me ages. A lot of work went into that mod and I think the one who created it was a one-man/woman-modding army too, like myself.

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