OK, people. The MERP-team has created a petition to sign if you want to voice your concerns about the Cease & Desist they received from Warner Bros. I talked about that event in a couple of blogposts down. I’ve signed the petition already, and I think you should go and sign it too. It’s a way to make a statement.

I want to see the modding world totally liberated and separated from these corporate economic interests. It is really important. I see the modding world as one of the few remaining bastions of sharing and freely creating together without the factor of monetary interests involved in any way. Now they’re starting to realize that, the freedom we have, those corporations that want to enslave and eat your mind, creativity and soul, and they want to end it because freedom is rarely profitable for those kinds of organizations.

So let your voice be heard; sound the trumpets, beat the drums. Together we will raise the battlecry of an army. We shall not let greedy corporations like WB lay their bloodied hands on our democratic rights without offering battle.


Read more on MERP’s ModDB-page

Sign the Petition for MERP

8 responses to “Save MERP

  1. Signed it. Everyone who reads this should, and it only takes literally 10 seconds to do so, you don’t even need to register for those who are wondering, so get signing! ūüôā

  2. This is utterly ridicilous. How can WB own the writes to Tolkiens work?
    I don’t think the author himself would allow this. It’s like someone would make a film about Kalevala and say they own the rights to that. I encourage people to sign this petition right away, like Sky999 said it only takes a few seconds.

  3. Asiasta toiseen, esiteltiinkö Dibellas Watchia missään alan pelilehdessä?
    Olisi nimittäin aikamoinen laiminlyönti, jos modi ei olisi löytänyt tietään Pelit-lehden modesittelyihin.

    • Se voi kyll√§ olla, mutta m√§ en oikein tied√§ kun m√§ en lue gaming lehdet en√§√§. Saan kaikki tiedot ja uutiset netist√§ nyky√§√§n. Tied√§n kuitenkin ett√§ mun Civilization 4 modi, Fairy Tale, oli v.2010 PC Gamerissa. Oli kyll√§ ylpe√§ hetki. ūüėÄ

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