Big stuff and small stuff

I’ve been doing real big stuff. Say hello to my new best friends, the clouds. Clouds around mountain peaks create masses of atmosphere and are relatively easy to paste too. Another great thing with these clouds are that they hide small errors from view, so you, the player, can’t see exactly how bad my mountains really look. Sneaky me. And sneaky Bethesda. They use this strategy a lot, pasting over minor glitches with clouds.

I’ve also been doing small stuff. Creating interiors is the most detailed area you can encounter when modding. Creating interiors takes a huge amount of attention to detail since you paste anything from the forks and knives on the tables to the tables and chairs themselves. It’s not my favourite area of modding but the result is always great. Here are a few screenies of the latest work I’ve done. Clouds and forks on tables.


12 responses to “Big stuff and small stuff

  1. Wow your interiors are amazing! i have never seen anyone make a room like that. It really brings a sense of life into that particular building.

    • Thanks! I just have to imagine what person lives there to create interiors. In this case, it’s the town mage of Anvil Nova. He’s a bit of an eccentric with a long, grey beard and he doesn’t like cleaning. πŸ™‚

    • I’m there all of the time, just returning to Skyrim to continue levelling at this point. It’s pretty empty in Frontier right now. I mean, it feels spooky – there’s just a lot of lifeless houses, landscapes and locations that look like there were people living there, but there’s noone around. Just me. It’s like the Twilight Zone, actually.

  2. Love the cloudy mointains – for sure there are some hidden secrets …

    And did I mention already that you are a great interior designer? Yes I did. Often. πŸ˜€
    btw: I updated “New Plants” to V 1.1 today πŸ˜‰

    • Hey thanks, Tamira. Yep, I see you’ve updated. Those red, yellow and green trees really interest me! I’m trying to download, but Nexus won’t let me. It has been slow all weekend. I’ll try again later.

  3. That middle shot…just…wow! =’)

    It’s amazing! They all are! Whenever I play Skyrim, especially when I was starting off and new to it all, I used to love being outside Whiterun, staring at the cloud covered mountains in all directions, and just wonder what was waiting for me in one of them, it was a great mix of apprehension and excitement, it looks like The Frontier is going to create that same feeling!

    Also, I’ve said it before in a previous post, but keep up the great work with the object placement, it’s key and your work in that department easily rivals Bethesda in terms of realism and immersion.

    • Thank you, Sky999. I know what you mean. I remember the first time coming down from Riverwood and seeing Whiterun stand like a king before my eyes on the plains below, surrounded by all those majestic cloud-covered mountains in the distance. My jaw dropped and I took like a hundred screenshots to commemorate the occasion. πŸ˜€

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