Armour on The Frontier

I want proper armour on the Frontier. I want proper medieval-looking armour for real men. The time hasn’t come quite yet to start dressing the settlers, but there’s no harm in scouting out the good stuff already. So over the past weeks, I’ve been playing a character wearing this. Baraban’s Witcher 2 Style Dawnguard and Standard Heavy Plate. I am really in love with it because of its high-quality texture work and, of course, its superior meshes ported from Witcher 2 (Yes, it’s possible. CD Projekt is far more relaxed to porting than, for an example, Bethesda which won’t even allow porting between their own games!).

Baraban has kindly accepted my request for permission to use it in Frontier. Here, on the Frontier, it will dress the heavy cavalry as well as parts of the nobility. This is what the barons, crusaders and knights will be wearing, and they will look the part. There are also variations on helmets as well as a shield attached to Baraban’s mod! Go download it already if you want to dress like a Frontier Baron today.

I still need more in the terms of clothing and armour. Clothing itself is a headache. There’s lots of skimpy stuff being made (nothing bad with that really – it’s what the Elder Scrolls is all about, innit?), but no serious clothing project I know of. The Frontier will be needing medieval and/or Roman inspired proper clothes for lower-, middle, and upper classes. I am also interested in all forms of good quality armour. The regular army of the Frontier will be needing something that looks like Roman armour mixed with medieval. If you have any suggestions or know links or artists that may be of assistance in this department, shoot me a comment!

13 responses to “Armour on The Frontier

  1. Antiscamp may I reccomend the following mods. Immersive Armours (Barbarian Armour set included), the aMidian set of armour retextures, nbfurhoods and the Elaborate textiles set of retextures to help you in these endeavours

  2. Hey! I made a mod that replaces all the guards armours sometime ago (even those in the Warzones Civil Unrest), I updated it a few times but for some reason I don’t remember, I didn’t released it on nexus, If you want I could take some picks of the armor sets I changed and textured and link them here (the armors come from several different mods, just one or two armor pieces are vanilla)

    The armor in the picture in example I used it just for the Solitude jarl’s bodyguard

  3. Glad you like it! Basically the key is combine the armor parts from the same 4 or 5 mods, and find the most adecuated combination to your taste. I’ll try to list a few of them, please note that some parts have been retextured by me and don’t come in the original mod:

    Stormcloaks armor is the ”Blue Stripes Commando”:

    Shield Pack:

    Helmet Pack:

    Winterhold Black Guards:

    Dawnstar Guards:

    Helmets and armors:


    Other armor mods I’ve used:

    Cloaks! (I’ve used the same model with different colour for the dawnstar, winterhold guards and the penitus oculatus):


    I love this, it’s great!

    I’d be careful about using Witcher 2 armours/outfits that are too ‘flashy’ or recognizable though, there’s a risk of killing immersion if the player is constantly noticing things their mind remembers from another game. That isn’t to say that I don’t think some of the Witcher 2 armours aren’t great possibilities to be used.

    I’ve always thought this was one of the nicest looking armours that could be used for an entire faction’s troops.

    I think this as well is great for a ‘Knight Commander’ type of person.

    • You are right! I don’t want anything that screams “Witcher”. I really like Hothtrooper’s stuff; like the Vanguard and Hedge Knight you’re pointing at, so I’ll probably try and get his permission to use those. He has a lot of great stuff to dress my barbarian tribes in too.

      • I totally agree, the game is named ”Skyrim” not ”The Witcher”, but to me, It was very disapointing that all the guards wear the same armor model, and the legion.. I was one of those who were in love with the Oblivion legion armor so the new roman style almost made me cry.

        What I mean is that if all characters looks the same, it doesn’t matter that Skyrim has 50km or 100km, and with the appropiate re-texture of the models, a more immersive factions is possible. Hopefully, there will come more new armor mods!

      • I actually like the Legion better now. It brings back something of how it looked in Morrowind, although it seems to be a step back in armour development from 200 years ago. For Frontier, dressing the legions, I want something that combines Roman style with Medieval, so I’ll see if I can get something like that. The town guards of Skyrim do look bad though; it’s basically Stormcloak traitor uniform for them all with a bit of colour variations.

        Luckily, we seem to be blessed with many armour mods and modding armour seems to be popular. In Oblivion, there weren’t as many armours; especially not to dress male characters in.

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