Pushing into the North

Right now, I’m beginning proper work on the northern frontier; I’ve done a bit of it already, but quite half-heartedly. This is where much of the action will take place with northern barbarian tribes and monsters beyond imagination. I am currently designing the wood areas around Carnar (in the middle of the continent) as well as on the other side (to the west) of the continent, at what is called Lake Crying Widow. At that lake, a crusader army will have its stronghold high up on a cliff. The Crusaders have it as their sworn duty to fight the barbarians and bring civilization further north and as such, they’ve been keeping the very west of the Frontier’s northern border safe for a hundred years.

Lake Crying Widow. This is the kind of landscape that gets me going. Dark and gloomy, and always bad weather!

Looking back at Carnar. This screenie is taken from the eastern side of Carnar, with the keep looming in the distance. This is one of the natural ways into the northern wilderness. Roads and settlements have stopped. There is absolutely no civilization beyond Carnar.


7 responses to “Pushing into the North

  1. Speeking of creepy darkness, I am playing Skyrim with a mod that recently came out which makes the dungeons superdark. I have never had more fun! Could you happen to also make your dungeons superdark?

    • Frontier won’t have many dungeons, but yeah, I’m going to make the ones I create as atmospheric as I can. I want the fighting to take place in castle hallways, on battlefields or in barbarian camps. That sort of stuff. Dungeons will be secondary. I like the kind of dungeons too, where you need to pull out the torches. There was one in Dawnguard that was really dark and it was a lot of fun. I lost Serana in there and could hardly find my way out, constantly harrassed by Falmer and it was only lit up by some green, flickering mushrooms. It was great fun!

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