A Scriptorium was an annex to a medieval library where they copied and wrote texts and produced books. I called the entire university library at Vestra University “The Scriptorium“. It’s easily one of my best interiors ever, although it’s only one medium-size room without windows; dust hanging in the air and cobweb surrounding the extensive book collections. The screenshots I took do not make it justice. There will be many of the vanilla books present here, but I am also going to collect all the written books about the Frontier in this place, so it will be something like the Library of Congress for The Frontier.

11 responses to “Scriptorium

  1. This is really wicked…a library sort of like the one in Fellowship of the Ring, that Gandalf goes to visit to study about the ring and/or Sauron and/or Nazgul. If you ever run out of book writing energy, I would gladly write one. For example, I could write a story, send it to you, than you could add names, places, etc. that would fit the Frontier.

    • I considered that some time ago – to invite my blog readers to write their own books to be added in-game. It’s a great idea. I am indeed going to arrange such a thing, but I want to release the beta first. That way, you as writers, will get to experience the locations you’re writing about and have a feel for the land, how it looks and feels. Many of the background-story-books will already be present in the mod by then too, so you’ll have information on the history and culture of The Frontier when writing the new books as well.

  2. Very nice looking scriptorium, very nice looking everything! It’ll be fun to read about the Frontier in the Frontier. Can’t wait to go explore it all with my (in-game) kid, and live out in The Frontier! That being said… Any idea when we will get an alpha build? 😉

    • Thanks! I have no idea when I’ll release the first version to the public. When I was modding Oblivion, I had a set date for release and although I kept it, I noted that I was really starting to push things in the end. I don’t want to push anything with Frontier, so I’ll let it take the time it takes. The first playable version will be the entire land exteriors and interiors, but no people present at all and no quests. I’ll release that beta just to get feedback and then start adding the quests, events and NPC’s as I go. Do follow the blog, and you’ll be the first to know when the first beta is out! 🙂

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