A few recent exteriors

Here are a few recently created exteriors that I haven’t been able so show you until now since they’ve been wholly or partly covered under low-detail lod textures. That happens when you sink land to fit new locations; the LOD pushes through the ground and in-game it starts covering things up. It looks quite weird, but is solved in the next LOD-update. I did an update of the LOD with Oscape tonight.

Here we see the Dibella Monastery, Tyrrha Estate (which is a major farm estate) and the Crusader Stronghold (a great castle high up on a cliff which is the base for the crusader army). The two latter still need proper names. I was thinking something like The Eagle’s Nest for the castle. Something along those lines.

10 responses to “A few recent exteriors

    • If I have the energy, I will add more smaller farms around that area too, because I want to give the impression of a flourishing and wealthy farming centre just around that place.

    • Thanks! Yes, you can use Dawnguard assets. I have seen no need to use it so far, but if there’s something there that I cannot live without, I will add the Dawnguard DLC to the mod. It will of course also require the end user to have the DLC installed as well.

      • No! don’t please, I beg. this mod is the most awesome thing that has ever happened to Skyrim, and Dawnguard is buggy crap.

      • So far there has been no need to add Dawnguard, so don’t panic. 🙂 The only things that interested me in the end were those new castle pieces and the husky dog. I am hoping for a modeller to create castles for me, and I won’t add Dawnguard just for a dog either.

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