The first books

I am adding all the written books I’ve done so far to the Vestra University Scriptorium. This is the first one, A Chronology of The Frontier by Holgar Masserius who is a professor at the university. The book deals with the history of the colony in a chronological manner, making it easy to see what exactly happened when. Here’s also the full text as it stands now.

The Bretons have been living on the continent since time immemorial. The first nord settlers arrive at the end of the first era. The Orcs arrive at about the same time. Not much is known about the history of The Frontier before the Imperial colonization.

ca 3E 390-420 King Rureek the Great rules in what is now Anvil Nova over the “Shining Kingdom”.

4E2-12 Carolus Caemus of Anvil funds three expeditions of settlement to The Frontier. The first settlement is founded at Vestra where Caemus steps ashore.

4E4 Anvil Nova is founded after the castle (then called Kliphus) is taken from the Nords living there.

4E 54 Benton is founded on the western side of the continent.

4E 60 The University of Vestra is founded but is nothing but a small, insignificant school at the beginning.

4E 73-85 Protektor Vitus the Great creates the title of “Protektor”. In practice, it is a royal title, inherited by the eldest son.

4E 85-103 Protektor Nerva Kreven.

4E 101 The Battle of Redwater is fought between the settlers of Benton and Orcish raiders. The southern part of the Benton River valley is colonized by the settlers and the Orc tribes are pushed back north.

4E 103-38 Protektor Lagus I dies without children, having ruled long and successfully. All the shires are created during his reign as the administration is expanded to meet the needs of the growing population. A baron is installed for each Shire and so begins the nobility in The Frontier.

4E 102 Tyrrha becomes a Shire.

4E 105 The Crusader Army is founded by veterans of the wars against the Barbarians. This elite military unit has as its sworn duty to fight the barbarians and bring civilization further north.

4E 113 The road between Anvil Nova and Benton, the Coastroad, stands finished.

4E 129 Dirch is founded and becomes an important mining settlement. Dircinium is discovered (the new material gets its name from the town itself).

4E 138-150 Protektor Lazvinia, the sister of Lagus I, is the only female to have held this title.

4E 141 Lazvinia, who is a follower of Dibella, establishes the Dibella Monastery on the Island of Godfrey.

4E 150-152 Protektor Romanus, the brother of Lagus I makes himself impopular and is deposed after a short but eventful time. The northern barbarians flood over the Frontier borders (called The Great Invasion) since there is a truce between the Orcish and Nord tribes at this time.

4E 150 The Barbarians sack Dirch but turn back without marching further south.

4E 152-187 Protektor Lagus II the Hunter stabilizes the land, defeats the united barbarian tribes at the Battle of Carnar (4E 154), and then spends the rest of his life, hunting and ruling over a happy Frontier. He also reforms the military and deploys it in Imperial fashion with legions stationed at the now fortified borders.

4E 155 Carnar is made a Shire and a settlement starts growing.

4E 160 The palissade (Called “The Limes”) between Wolf Legion Camp and Dirch is finished and is regularly patroled by professional soldiers to prevent barbarian incursions.

4E 162-72 On order of Lagus II, The Frontier’s ambassador in Imperial City makes several requests to join the colony formally with the Empire but is met with uninterest. At the outbreak of The Great War he returns home and the issue has since not been raised with the Imperial Government.

4E 187- Protektor Zemus Karn sells out much of the Frontier’s assets and even sells land and titles to foreign speculators. Since the Empire has no interest in The Frontier, he starts dealing with the Aldmeri Dominion, bringing The Frontier into a volatile political situation where his own population is boiling with mutiny and foreign powers and interests take over.

4E 201 Today

4 responses to “The first books

    • Thank you kindly. the historical events on the Frontier will be fleshed out in other books as well. I am also incorporating the events into the mod’s landscape. I already have a monument to honour the victory at the battle of Redwater, I have Carolus Caemus’ grave, a painting of Protektor Lagus the Hunter hagning in the castle and so on. I think the land will come alive more with details like that.

    • Yep. I did it in Dibella’s Watch for Oblivion too. The player took part in a great battle taking place out in the wilderness, and I created a monument there which appeared after the main quest was done to commemorate the battle. It was a really cool and immersive detail.

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