Got rid of an old problem

Today I got rid of an old problem with my mod that’s been bugging me. It doesn’t sound serious, but I mistakenly added four empty cells outside my map back when I designed the town of Benton. The problem is that when things go outside the borders, LOD-generation stops working OK as well. That means that I’ve only been able to update my heightmap and not add any LOD objects or trees whatsoever. I’ve been living with the same distant mountains and houses since July.

Today I removed those four cells. Just removing four empty exterior cells isn’t as easy as you might first believe though. It’s a whole process. It took me some hours, but it was worth it. I’ve now updated my object LOD too.

A pretty good-looking LOD-mountain.

8 responses to “Got rid of an old problem

    • Not all mountains are done yet. Some of them still look really terrible; I do them at the same time I detail the ground northwards. The mountain in the picture is all mountain statics though, just pasted right on top of the heightmap.

    • I wonder if there’s a Real Life Benton though… I googled. There are several Bentons in the US and a couple in the UK too. It actually seems to be quite a common name in the US for towns and counties. 😀

  1. Looks amazing. ushh. I couldn’t even get LOD to work on a new worldspace. In the proccess I even screwed Tamriel’s LOD. You’re really talented though.

    • It’s really easy to screw it up, unfortunately. They made Skyrim’s LOD needlessly complicated. I mean, I was looking forward to modding this game thinking that they had reformed the LOD-generation processes from Oblivion, but no siree, instead it has gotten about thrice as complicated. They should work on in-game and runtime LOD-generation for the next game. Now that would be awesome! Personally I blame it on the fact that they have to drag the stoneage consoles, X-Box and Playstation, along, and think that’s why technology is surprisingly inferior to some other games out there. Skyrim would be a much more impressive game without that dead weight. 😉

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