19 responses to “Road Signs

  1. Nice signs…..I wonder if there is a way you can put distance on them…like make up a certain measurement type they might use in the Frontier (instead of miles or km). Just an idea…

    • But anyways, my other message asked if you could add some kind of measurement along with the names. Maybe miles or some other measurement that you invent. Just an idea…

      • That’s a good idea. The problem is that I then have to retexture all the signs and make specific ones saying Anvil Nova 30 km or Benton 10 for the specific spots where I have placed the signs right now. With the signs like these, I can use the single textures over and over again and place them pretty much wherever I want. It would be really cool, though, to have like one specific road sign in the middle of the capital or something that had these distances imprinted and pointing off in each different direction for all the towns and locations. The sign would be some sort of attraction.

    • Furlongs sounds good. One Furlong is about 200 metres. That’ll make five Furlongs on one kilometre. i’ll use that in my in-game literature already and maybe place it on the scale on the in-game map too. Thanks for the idea; using that kind of measure is handier in a small land like The Frontier than using miles or kilometres as a standard scale.

      Actually, I checked it out on Wikipedia. It’s pretty much perfect. The word Furlong is derived from old English combining the words Furth and Lang. I could name my measure of distance just “Furth” to make it sound like something new. 🙂

      • You could put down marking poles every 200m along the main roads. I think the standard distance is 100m in Europe. Not sure what they call these things, but you can see them along roads out in the countryside.
        Their purpose is just showing where the road goes, espicially in the dark.

      • Milestones. The most magnificent milestone I’ve ever seen was in Täby, Sweden, when me an my now wife were still dating. She’s from there. It had some golden inscription and displayed the royal insignia of Gustav III. It was quite a sight compared to what we have out here in the barbaric east. I was mighty impressed with the Swedish milestone. Our milestones have a white area which is supposed to make it easier to see in the dark and they’re not that old. I think they used to raise them as recently as around the wartime. We also saw Viking runestones, me and my date. We have no runestones at all over here. Yeah, I should include milestones in Frontier as well.

    • It’s a small world =D Täby is the neighbouring municipality to the north of Danderyd where I live. We’ve got an old rune stone over at Danderyd’s Kyrka. My father and my uncle Göthe are buried there.
      And some of those historic milestones are impressive. Unfortunately none of those close to where I live.

      • Blimey! Yeah, I’ve been in Danderyd several times. Mostly just going through though. I love the old runestones. The ones in Täby were raised and dedicated to an old Viking chief called Jarlabanke who owned the land around that place and it was quite a complex construction of several stones raised in the form of a longboat. I still remember his name and all! 😀 Swedish churches seem to be placed at or near runestones; maybe they erected churches on ancient sacred grounds. I saw one at Vallentuna as well, at the graveyard there.

    • I was actually thinking about that when I made them! I made up a little story in my mind: By Frontier Law, there’s a man in every town who’s responsible for maintaining them (the town smith, if there’s not a carpenter around), and those gentlemen seem to be doing a great job with them! Maybe there’s a fine if the baron comes riding and sees a rotten road sign, eh? 😀 God, I have made up so many of those stupid little “laws” in my mind that I should write them down in an in-game law book! 🙂 The signs became very clear and readable though; I wanted them to be that, since I think vanilla road signs are hard to read.

  2. Good idea about a furth. Maybe you could also make in-game literature that describes it, so that players know how far it is.

    • Duh…you just said you would! Try to make it in simple terms, though, such as “One furth has been proclaimed by such and such an ancient king to be the distance from x landmark to y landmark” or something like that.

      • Yeah. Really great for immersion too, if my NPC’s always talk about how many Furths it is to this or that location. Actually, “Furth” sounds a bit too much like “fart” especially when spoken. Imagine an NPC saying: “We have two furths to go before we get to Lone Wolf Castle”, and the player goes “Yeah OK, let’s just sit down and eat some of those redberries. That’ll do it for sure.” I need to have another word, so “Furlong” as it is will do for now.

    • LOL. In Dibella’s Watch, when you went to prison, for whatever reason, you had a cellmate who was an Argonian with the name “Lets-Off-A-Large-Amount-Of-Smelly-Gases”. As for mod design, that was furthing in the player’s face. 😀

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